The Provocateur

When in doubt, wear a maxi dress! When aiming to look effortlessly chic, wear a maxi dress! It’s hard to not go wrong with a dress that can be embellished and accessorized in any way. Whether you’re going for a bohemian vibe or an elegant ensemble, a maxi dress is a piece in your wardrobe that won’t go out of style.

For today’s post we paired the Provocateur Maxi Dress with our favorite Harrison Biker Jacket (also seen HERE ), and topped it off with a simple hat and booties for a casual SXSW inspired look.

provodress dress1


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Be Fringetastic!


Didn’t you hear? Fringe is in! Designers like Michael Kors are calling it a wardrobe staple and who cant help but notice the fringe looks that Ralph Lauren Polo and Mara Hoffman sent down the runway this spring? Needle-less to say, every trendy woman should have some fringe in her closet. It is the perfect way to incorporate a fun element into a look without straying from sophistication.

For today’s shoot, we loved playing with our leather fringe separates, wearing them with fur vests and leather jackets. Just throw on your favorite pair of booties/accessories and you’re off!



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Never-Ending Winter!

From the plains to the hill country of Texas, we are used to warm sun and fresh breeze this time of year. So why is it so gloomy outside? Doesn’t the weather man know that we have had sundresses in our closets since February that we’re dying to wear? Yes its quite gloomy outside, but you can still take out your favorite sundresses and pair them with a light jacket to create a look like this one from Rare Trends. Pair the Eloise Sundress with our Motto Jacket for a look that can withstand this bi-polar Texas weather.


Eloise colorOutfit1


eloise fullpr

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Oh, The Places You’ll Go!

gauchoOur On-The-Go-Gaucho inspired our quote of the day-“Once a year, go someplace you’ve never been before”- and we could not agree more.Our gauchos are perfect for those journeys ahead. So whether you are traveling for Spring Break or staying in the city for SXSW, we have just the right looks for those adventures upon you. Trust us when we say these gauchos will become your go to bottoms of the year!






gauchosleekblu2 gaucho.sleekblu